Chia, making friends and 8500 feet of climbing

This was a fun weekend of training. On Saturday, I ran 36 miles and made friends with another ultrarunner out for similar distance (doing part of the loop of Headlands 100 for which he was training. Paul, who runs a non-profit called Wilderness Way and I met on Miwok, heading up one of many hills and found that we were going to be heading similar direction and distance. We decided very quickly that I would join him on his planned loop since I didn't have a specific plan in mind, just had vaguely mapped something out. We headed out Coastal, down to Muir Beach, and ultimately ended up at our turn around point at Pantoll. It was awesome!! So nice to meet such an interesting and friendly person. We had such a great time getting to know each other and passing the hours together. The run got much harder when we finally parted ways back a Miwok, some 5 plus hours after meeting. I will say I am blown away by the Chia Seeds. I was blown away to only have to eat 1 larabar and drink 1 Vega shake in the entire 7 hours. I also only consumed 2 water bottles of coconut water. The Chia regulated my hydration and blood sugar perfectly. Ancient running food indeed! I would write more about this experience, but time is limited. Needlesstosay, I am continuously impressed by ultrarunners and their amazing spirits & commitment to each other, the sport and our community. It is refreshing, especially since I have been feeling like I have a serious lack of close relationships since I moved to San Francisco. It just seems like a place where there isn't much community. Everyone is too busy hustling, bustling and trying to survive. It is very easy to feel like you could just fall off the face of the earth and no one would notice.

pausing for a photo op on Coastal, thanks Paul!

Sunday, I took Sarah and Angel for a "long run" down through Sausalito and around through Mill Valley, 12.2 miles. It was a nice recovery run from the previous day. Pretty crazy that my legs could even function. My shoulders were actually more sore than my legs from carrying the backpack that whole way! I didn't even really need it! But I guess its helpful to carry around a heavy pack while running up those hills!

Monday, Sarah and I went for a nice jaunt through the Headlands and nearly got killed by a bunch of wankers who were racing through the Rodeo Valley Tunnel and we drifting from the high winds. We had to throw ourselves up against the wall to not get hit. They were going well over 60 mph and there were about 10 of them in a single lane tunnel. It was very scary.

I wanted to write a better post about this weekend but I just am not really feeling it write now.....