Getting ready to push

I had some desire this week to take advantage of my new recovered health, while at the same time nurture it, squirrel it away for the upcoming training block. Because I felt so great after Saturday and especially after a few dr. prescribed days off, I started to change my perspective for the week. Maybe I could have this training week be a normal week instead of a recovery week. In my head I started planning out routes for a Saturday 30 miler. But the end of the week took a bit more out of me and reminded me that it had been a big 4-6 weeks of racing and that I was in fact still recovering from the iron deficiency. So I took a look at my schedule for the week and then flipped over to the next few weeks plans and lo and behold, there is method to my madness. This week is a recovery week for a reason! I am starting a training block of 90 plus miles per week starting tomorrow. Ohhh yeah, duh. It is better to take the rest now and be able to train well through June up to TRT, Skyline, Headlands and Worlds than slap on a few extra miles this week. I just get excited to get out there! Instead I am basking in the recovery, enjoying putting the spring back in my step even more. It is an awesome choice and I am glad that I am getting to the point where I understand my body, my training and scheduling enough that I can make these choices seeing the long term and short time benefits.

I am definitely here for the long haul!!