Run slow, wanker & waste your time on myspace

Run easy and you will not improve. Those ads are dumb. Really really dumb. Encourage people to push their limits, try to improve be better, not accept their laziness and averageness. I just think whomever came up with that one cannot actually be a runner.

I like to run fast. I like to run long. I like to run. And therefore I do. And I get better. Like just now, I ran a blazing fast workout that reminds me in fact how fast I can be. I sometimes forget how fast I am because I spend most of my time running uphill, on trails or for a really long way. It was a nice change to hit the flat and just push the hell out of the pace. I decided to do one long interval of 9.5 miles, with 7 miles at sub marathon pace.

Miles: 9.51
Interval average pace: 6:46 (with stop lights/etc) including warmup
Miles 3-5: 6:10 pace
Best Pace: 5:26
Recovery miles/pace: 2.5 miles (7:10-7:40 pace)
Time: 1:08
Feeling: Awesome
Post workout smoothie: incredibly tasty

While I was running, I was thinking about the above "run easy" ads and just couldn't come up with any reason that that makes any sense. I am not going to rant about that....

I will however follow up with my thoughts about myspace, which I just quit. Recently, I tried to figure out a good reason that myspace exists and should occupy any of my time. I am busy enough without having to maintain a profile, answer comments/messages of usually frivolous nature, put up pictures, check daily of what some is on about. I couldn't think of any good reason. I could think of only bad things about it. Really it is frivolous self-aggrandizement. It is changing culture negatively. It has become ubiquitous and really serves no purpose. Even spending time talking about how ridiculous and frivolous it is, is in fact as much of a waste of time as actually being on the sight. I have had a few people try to defend it, but really, the argument that you want to communicate through there cannot in fact be the primary motivation can it? After all, myspace is a new phenomena. What about email, what about phone, what about having face to face contact. Myspace makes you feel like you are involved in a person's life in a way that you actually aren't. It is pseudo-relating and pseudo-relationships leave me wanting. After examining myself, my motivations, what I want from the people in my life. I pulled the plug and couldn't be happier. How does that relate to running? In every way possible, for now instead of wasting my time peering in on the lives of others (and having god knows who do the same to me), I am free to be off and running. Such a time and sanity saver.

I love workouts like these!