Workouts May 15 & 16th

Tuesday, May 15th

After my race this weekend, I was feeling good. Real good. But I also wanted to recover well. As much as I can feel good after a 50k and feel like I barely went out for a short jaunt, it still is a hell of a long way. So I took Sunday off and Monday as well. I was going to go to Yoga on Sunday night but missed because of dinner plans (in hindsight, I should have just gone to Yoga instead) and Monday night I attempted to go but got caught up having to write an email and missed again. So I opted for a massage instead. Good choice! I woke up on Tuesday feeling better than I have since before Mad City! It was nice to feel like my iron deficiency is steadily being overcome and that my legs are feeling so great. I decided to work first, then run, then go to class. I headed out from the house in Sausalito and ran up the hill towards GG bridge. I was sporting my new Craft running gear from Lombardi's and have to say I really like the stuff. I hopped on to the trail just up from the freeway and headed up the hill towards the Alta Trail. That is where I had this thought about a secondary blog. I know that some people like the little details of training, like to be let in on those profound experiences. Some people don't and since some people get my blog beamed into their email box I thought it best to not bombard people. Plus, a secondary blog can be more personal, well, as personal as a blog can be...

I powered up Alta and then decided to take Rodeo Valley Trail down and then back up Bobcat to Alta. I knew that it would be quite a training loop considering Bobcat is a steady 2 mile climb and I had just done alot of climbing at Quicksilver. But what the hell, I headed down and floated along listening to Paul Scott's Essays which is a cello piece I have been looking for for a really long time, ever since it got stolen out of my car (and of course, after a while I forgot the album name). But I found it, it is haunting and beautiful and perfect music for a medium tempo run. I hit Bobcat and was delighted to find that my legs felt so awesome!!! I practically sprinted up the hill! It was awesome. I looped back down the hill and descended to the office. I have a Garmin 305, so one of the things I hope to be able to do is provide accurate stats and maybe even some impressive looking graphics of my runs.... the elevation graphs are the most interesting!

Mileage: 10.29
Elevation: something steep I will have to look it up on my Garmin
Pace: 9:02
Time: 1:33

Wednesday, May 16

After a long, long day yesterday (work, run, school), I was looking forward to a shorter run today. I want to feel good for as long as possible which means balancing recovery runs with hard runs/long runs. I decided to opt for a "hard" recovery run.... go figure. I headed up to Ross and headed up the Watershed. I was considering doing my normal loop (Phoenix Lake- Five Corners-Taylor- Shadyside- Watertower) but decided instead to do a new workout which I had gotten from Chris Lundy (I saw here running pretty much dead out through downtown Sausalito yesterday and had to email her about it). She called it a mini-Kenyan workout, which basically means you start slow and speed up until you are at top speed. I wasn't feeling up to the nearly 13 miles of my normal loop and so opted instead to do a loop around Phoenix Lake, which is a nice technical single track with lots of hill! I got a nice pace going (in the end under 7 minutes) and ravaged the hills, it was quite fun!!! Now, off to the gym for weights and then yoga!!!

Mileage: 5.17
Pace: 7:55
Time: 41 minutes