Dr.'s orders

I have been in culinary school for 2.5 months now (natural chef, super healthy, learning all about nutrition as well as how to integrate that into the practice) and my diet which was already healthy has been elevated to the next level of healthy and I have been very pleased with the way I have been feeling. I don't eat refined sugar, refined flour or anything with gluten, very minimal red meat and dairy. I have been making adjusts and feeling my way through all the information I have been learning. I finally just this week have felt like I am transitioning from knowing to doing and being able integrate it. What an awesome feeling.

I went for a follow up with my doctor about my iron deficiency (which is due in part to not eating enough red meat and due to expelling it through running) and she and I had an awesome conversation about nutrition and diet. Her only advice: Eat More!

She said that because I am eating healthy amazing food and not processed products and not eating much meat or dairy, I need to compensate for the calories elsewhere (since the majority of high calorie items are from said). Though I know that, I tend to forget that because I run as much as I do, that I need to have a significantly higher calorie intake then the rest of the population. And real whole foods have a lot less calories! And I tend to forget that too since I am making and eating these amazingly tasty meals which taste so good you would almost think they are bad for you. But they aren't.

Now that is the type of prescription I like!!!