A good day to run

Today was a good day of running. After falling short last week in my goal to do a second 90+ mile week in a row due to catching a cold, stress and generally having too much to do, I was kinda bummed. But I set out this week with renewed perspective (i.e. days off in the short term for the right reasons, bred stronger running in the long term & more importantly, I can cut myself some slack!) and thus far have been running well and getting in some good runs.

Monday: 10 miles (half trail/half road 8:20pace w/ speed intervals)
Tuesday: Recovery 6 miles
Wednesday: Run #1 9.5 miles (7:30/pace)
Run #2 Recovery 6.5 miles

So it looks like despite still having alot on my plate (I use the metaphor: my proverbial plate is as full as a fat person's plate at a Las Vegas Buffet), I am confident I will put in a strong week and enjoy the hell out of it!