One for the money, two for the show

Three to get ready and four, I'll go (hopefully).

That is, times that I have run the majority of the Headlands 50k course (3 times, with connecting from Sausalito). The fourth time will be race day in just a few short weeks. Time number three?

Today. And what a day it was. I managed to knock off 17 seconds/mile on my pace for the course. Granted a little of that has to do with the alternate route I took back up to Morning Sun (Mancello instead of Old Springs/Miwok). Penny was not to keen on going up the later so I was a sport, especially since she was nice enough to meet me at Pantoll Ranger station and run the second half with me. That said, my time on the actual bits of the course were fast and strong. I made it up to Pantoll more than 5 minutes faster than last week and that is saying something considering up to Pantoll is Cardiac Hill.

Time: 5:07:10
Distance: 31.56 miles
Pace: 9:44/mile
Ascent: 7625
Descent: 7610
Feeling: centered, peaceful (and giddy as all get out)

I was motivated to get out today for various reasons, among others knowing that this is the last weekend I have to get in a good long run before I launch into a monster two months of racing. On the 21st of July, I run TRT 50 and will be racing every two weeks after that for a while (TRT 50m, Skyline 50k, Headlands 50k, World Cup 100k). Whew. And Headlands, I am running the day after our culinary showcase which means I will probably be working 16 hour day for the 3 day preceding the race, go to bed late the night before the race and be tired as hell. So that should make it an adventure at least, which is why I pushed to do it back to back weekends. It is not a forgiving course. I was also motivated by sheer joy and personal revelation. This week (starting with last weeks long run) I had a very profound set of evolutions in my inner space and I can describe it this way: bliss, home, peace. Thus, waking up this morning (even after a very long week including a few mornings of waking up at 3am!) was not a problem and I practically skipped my way down the trails I was so giddy. The fog that literally covered only the course (everywhere else in the North Bay was pretty lovely) could not dampen my spirits. I thrashed the hills and floated down. There was nothing in each moment but the sheer joy of being able to do what I love so dearly. All the mileage counts, race strategies, purpose, function just floated off in the ether. I just was. And how nice is that.

Now, I am into a nice two week taper which I shall commence in true style with a yoga session and then a nice long massage, with my favourite philosopher! Yeah for life, eh?