Race week

Finally, after about two months I am all set to race again. A week ago Sunday I did my final long run on the Headlands course again and bested my previous weeks run by 17/secs per mile. Sweet. Needlesstosay, I was able to tuck into my taper week comfortably. I ran about 60 miles last week, including a "short" long run on Tam of 14 miles.

There of course were the usual taper week doubts and heavy legs, but I am starting to recognize the "symptoms" and just let it go. I am very excited for Saturday because I am excited for the challenge of 1) 50 miles on trail which I haven't done & 2) altitude. Here is where I get to have another real test. But I think every race I run is a major test. Every course & distance has something new to challenge with. I look forward to that hungrily.

It was a great week though. I had a major breakthrough in my own consciousness a bit more than a week ago that translates roughly to: I am moving back to Seattle. It is a long and complicated journey that has allowed me to arrive at this decision and I can say, I couldn't be more thrilled. It is much to much to explain here, for now, but it is the most positive, amazing, exciting thing for me. I cannot wait to hit the trails in the Cascades and Olympics! I cannot wait to meet up and run with some of the fantastic runners from Seattle Running Company (whose team I am hoping to join). I am just floating in the moment and it is such a nice feeling...

So as for the rest of this week pre-race? Eat, sleep, run, relax, and enjoy!