The Life

I just got back from Seattle and had a fantastic time. Not only did I get a chance to meet some of the great SRC'ers but I got to get out on Tiger Mt for an early morning run with the amazingly talented and radical person in general, Krissy Moehl. Fantastic times, can't wait for more good times with her and the SRC. I truly feel like I have entered the Ultrarunning mecca, but maybe I am just biased.

I was watching these little video today of Josh Cox, Meb Keflezighi and Ryan Browne. They are living up in Mammoth Lake, CA training day in and day out for the upcoming marathon trials. Its cool to watch someone who has the opportunity to eat, sleep, run, (and go to the gym). It must be such an amazing opportunity to pursue their passions in that way. I would love to just be able to do that, I think it would be quite fun. I am focusing on doing what I can with the time I have and also on finding sponsorship just to take care of my most basic of running needs (nevermind the idea of being so sponsored you can live off it...yeah right). But then again, to me living up in/near the mountains and running around with cool/talented people is pretty much going to be a reality here shortly (Seattle here I come!, less the whole quitting my day job thing....)

got my Team USA gear in the mail yesterday. Wahoo. I feel so official. Nice stuff. Nike sizes things very strangely though.

ok rambling done.