New Year, New Blog

Blog restructuring
I have decided to restructure this blog to more accurately account for all the randomness that goes on in my life, head and blogsphere. I feel that there is a strong connection between what I do as a runner and what I do as a chef, especially since I not only cook in a holistic natural way but because I am gluten intolerant and vegan. That means that I have to be very creative and have found that a good resource is other gluten free blogs. Just as I love to read and share training tips, experiences, etc for running, I want to do the same for my nutrition and eating. I will be sharing recipes, my current obsessions and all things food related. I have a secret desire to be a food writer and a cookbook author, so I might as well use my blog as my outlet for this. Here goes nothing!

Off season updates

I went on my first run today after a whopping 17 days off. It was nice, though it was chilly and very windy. My body felt great and rested, though some of my joints were creaking and groaning from not being used. I did a short loop around Greenlake (5.5 miles approx.) and called it a day. I mostly wanted to start trying to get myself ready to begin my "on season" in the new year, when I heal from having my wisdom teeth pulled; a fantastic event which happens the day after Christmas. I want to take it slow back into the season, so for the next 13 or so days, I am going to kind of reverse taper, so that I can hit the ground running ahahaha... the rest has been really good to me. I feel healthy, rested and renewed. I am very excited about the upcoming year!

What I am eating now
I think one of the things that I really want to do with my blog is talk about an ingredient, a seasonal favorite, a technique etc that I am using right now.

Current obsession #1? Brussel Sprouts! Up until this year, I had never eaten them. I know they are a dreaded food by many, but I have no idea why! They are nutrient packed and extremely tasty. I think most people overcook them and therefor make them taste poorly and have a bad experience. The key to good Brussel Sprouts is to only cook them until just tender. My favorite way of preparing them is to parboil them first, until barely tender (2-3 minutes) and then halve them. I then take the halves and put them in a heated skillet with a bit of olive oil and let them brown. I turn them once to get the other side some golden crispyness. Once they are golden I sprinkle some good sea salt and sometimes add a squeeze of lemon juice and devour!

Current obsession #2? Persimmon. I first discovered Persimmons last winter and have been hooked ever since. I tend to just eat them by themselves, washed, skin on. I prefer the fuyu persimmons over the other ones, which I think taste a bit like dirt. I did however this week try a spicy persimmon salsa recipe from Cooking Light magazine and boy was it delicious! If you can get your hands on some Persimmons, do it! They are incredibly tasty with just the right amount of sweetness.

Current obsession #3 Living Harvest Vanilla Hemp Milk. Hemp milk is an excellent alternative to soy and rice milks and is incredibly tasty. Sometimes I fancy a warm up of non-milk and Living Harvest's Vanilla Hemp Milk is just the treat. It is rich and creamy with a bit of sweet and no off flavor that sometimes happens when working with non-dairy milks. Plus it doesn't have the ill side effect that soy does on me (which is exactly like a gluten reaction unfortunately). I love to make a mug on a cold winter night and snuggle under a blanket on the couch.