The Off Season

Here I am 6 days into my off season and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be happier. I could feel better, but I don't. I have had a weird semi cold all week, with a persistent headache, random stomach issues and random fevers and lots and lots of tired. After last weekends DNF, I can only think how much better off I am now than if I had continued. That would have been dumb. I have enjoyed my off season so far, I haven't done anything. It is funny when I think about it, but I hadn't taken an off season since I started marathoning 2.5 years ago. That tickles me a bit still to think that 2.5 years ago was the first time I ever raced! That means only 3 years ago I wasn't even in training for a marathon. Oh how things change. It is wonderful to see how things have unfolded. This time off thus far has given me the opportunity to really take a step back and reflect on everything that has transpired this year. It has been an amazing, exciting, blessed year for me. I think alot of what I have accomplished in my first year of ultrarunning hasn't and probably won't sink in. I don't know if there is a mental capacity to absorb the experience of racing against the world in the Netherlands or coming in first on a trail race at altitude. I think that the mind in some ways immediately blocks out the experiences (mental and physical) that we have will ultrarunning in a lot of ways to tempt us again. I have had some of the most beautiful meditative experiences on the trail, as well as some of the hardest, most dire. Each have taught me something, but the experience itself is left out there. I love that. I love ultrarunning. I had been feeling very tired and unmotivated near the end of this season, as I had up'd my racing and training so significantly from the year before, I am not surprised. But slowly but surely, I am getting my motivation back, well, I am getting it back big time. My body is definitely not ready yet and I won't jump back in too early, but it is nice to know that this time off is going to accomplish what I had hoped! Yeah for rest!