Superconscious and biofeedback

Last night I had the most interesting experience. A friend of mine Jerry and his girlfriend Michelle came to town to visit Jerry's family for the holiday. I was spending time with them last night before his sister could get to town to pick them up. We walked around downtown and went to dinner at Flying Fish. We discussed a bunch about nutrition (as Michelle is a nutritionist and personal trainer) and training etc. When we got back to my house, Michelle decided to give me a test using a new bio feedback machine she was training in. She wanted to use me as a test subject, so I nervously and happily agreed. It works with the superconscious and in quantum physics. I have a deep interest in quantum physics and all the questions explored therein, so I figured I had nothing to lose. She set up the program and we went through a series of questions and she told me that the program would tell me things that I didn't know about my health, mind, etc (#1) and things that are very true and known (thus confirming that it is reading accurately (#2). This kind of process is definitely not for a closed mind. It goes into the more spiritual, metaphysical aspects that lose alot of people when it comes to quantum physics. I figured that the reading would be interesting given that I had recently drank more coffee in a week than I had in the previous 3 monts (4 whole cups!) and I was feeling dehydrated. On top of that, my stress level has been up (its cool, in the set up you rate each aspect of your stress) and my mind not as at peace as I would like! Nonetheless, off we went. She left me in the room as the machine worked away. I didn't touch the machine, it simply worked and tuned in on me and my energies. In the setup I had put in my gluten intolerance and my bothersome hip as my symptoms. It wasn't my imagination, I could suddenly feel my energy focus on those areas (as well as areas I didn't know we troublesome) and go to work. Interesting and creepy!

Michelle came back in the room and ran the report. Of note (#1), it said I am in need of more EFA (essential fatty acids). A light bulb went on. It's right, I had run out of Flax Seed Oil a few weeks ago and have forget to get more. It said I was dehydrated. It said I needed more Vitamin E and that I had issues with my Kidneys. It said I was having issues with my adrenals,which I am not surprised by being an ultrarunner.Wow. (#2) Among all of the things that it read this is what sold me... it read that I had a shorter leg, which I do! That registered as significant. It picked up on the caffeine. She went into the program and went to work fixing somethings in me. She worked on my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervouse system. I am definitely going to pick up my EFAs and Vitamin E today. It really blew me away. We didn't get to spend that much more time discussing the results because they had to get going, but I am looking forward to learning more and finding out more about my report.