Wisdom Teeth

I had my wisdom teeth out on the 26th and despite the fact that I have been mostly pain free and seem to be healing well, I still have to wait on consuming normal foods. I am sticking to smoothies, soups, rice yogurt, hummus and avocados. I am very excited to get back to being able to eat regularly again especially because I received this awesome cookbook called Veganomicon for Christmas and pretty much every single recipe is one that I am dying to make! I am also looking forward to being able to eat more of the delicious vegan gluten free Christmas Bread (a German Stollen) that we made so that I could continue our family tradition. My mother has made this Christmas Bread since her mother handed down the recipe to her many years ago. We aren't allowed to eat any until Christmas and so I was able to enjoy a few slices on Christmas day, but none since! I am just happy that I am not suffering too much and am hoping that I will be back to cooking, eating, running and blogging by Sunday!