Solid food is nice

After a bit more than a week of soft foods and careful eating, I am pretty much back up to being able to tolerate most things. I haven't tried anything truly crisp like crackers or anything, but my mouth seems to be healing nicely. While not able to eat normally, I had to work really hard to get enough calories in so that I could help my body heal and sustain. I developed some good standbys that could come in handy during the season.

Smashed blue potatoes
I have loved the flavor of blue potatoes since I first had them last year in my prerace meal when in Madison for Mad City 100k. Simple prep for these is to boil them or roast (if you are not a toothless wonder like me), and smash them up with a high quality olive oil and Real sea salt. A dash of chili powder goes a long way.

Hummus and avocado
I love hummus and I love avocados. Combine and you have a serious love affair. For some reason I had never thought to combine the two directly before surgery. I just put a scoop of hummus into each half of the avocado and enjoy. Gives me a good dose of the healthy fats and a bit of protein. I choose hummus that doesn't have alot of extra oils added and sometimes additional flavors like spicy or fire roasted red bell pepper.

Grape Kombucha
I have been brewing my own Kombucha for over a year now and really enjoy having it in my diet on a daily basis. I have been meaning to mix my brew with straight fruit juice for a while to flavor it like GT's Kombucha. While recovering I really craved grape juice, so after buying a few bottles of GTs, I decided to try and combine my own. I bought some straight Concord grape juice and mixed about 1/4 cup in with a glass of kombucha. Amazing!

What I am excited about now (that I can eat it!):

Bob's Red Mill Certified Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats
Finally a Certified Gluten Free Oat that I don't have to go through hell and high water to find. Regular oats are usually tainted with Gluten even though they are not glutenous themself. And some so called Gluten Free Oats are just segregated in processing, while Bob's Red Mill is processed from growing, through harvest and processing. My mom and I stumbled upon this at QFC before Christmas and I haven't been able to eat it until today for free of the grains working their way into my tooth voids (yummy). This morning I made my first bowl of oatmeal in years. I took 1/2 cup oats and combined with 1 cup almond milk and cooked for about 15-20 mins. This is definitely the way to go. The almond milk made the flavor amazing, the texture was great and there is nothing like a warm bowl of oatmeal (with fresh mango on the side) on a cold rainy winter morning!