Weekend Ramblings

Four things in no particular order about the weekend

Fatass on Tiger Mountain, January 5
It was my first trail outing of the season and headed out for a hard 25k loop on Tiger Mtn, which actually turned out to be the same loop that I ended my season with (unbeknowst to me). Allison had told me about it and we decided to run the loop together. The weather was crazy, from cold and extremely windy to raining and then snow and mud, we had it all. I felt ok though the hills really did me in. About what I expected for my 6th day of the season! I look forward to doing that loop again. My favorite part of the loop is the long, 3+ miles of downhill at the end!

Miles: 15
Time: 2:52
Elevation: a bunch

New Food Favorites:
Neither Mac Nor Cheese
(this recipe is definitely in development but the first permutation was delicious!)
1/2 cup quinoa
1 cup water
3-4 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
sea salt, pepper

garnish: tomato, cilantro

Bring quinoa and water to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. When the grains are cooked, but still moist stir in nutritional yeast, mustard, salt and pepper. Garnish with tomato and cilantro. Enjoy.

Notes: I use to love mac and cheese and so it is one of those things that really goes out the window! So being able to at least somewhat create the flavor profile and texture is great! I am going to continue to work on this, as well as other "cheesy" recipes and post developments.

Breakfast is back!
Breakfast is one of the hardest things for me to keep interesting as an athlete who is gf & vegan. But recently I have been thinking outside the box and moving away from my simple smoothies (which I still do pre-workout), fruit salads with nuts, rice bread with almond butter and the occasional Flying Apron gluten free vegan baked goods (their muffins are sooo good). As I mentioned previously, I got my hands on some gluten free oats and have been enjoying them cooked in almond milk! But this morning I branched out a bit and made gluten free bagels! I used the Pamela's Wheat Free bread mix. After boiling and baking them, I sliced one in half still warm and topped with almond butter and boysenberry preserves. Simple, but tasty!

Dating is hard
No one reminds you how hard dating is! This week I have gone on a few interesting dates, mostly all good. For me though it seems to bring out the worst side of me: the blabbering, inarticulate, "i am such a freak" self. Maybe that is what happens to everyone, but it is just such a weird thing. I haven't really dated much in the past year part because of just being too darn busy and part because who doesn't lose confidence after someone spazs out on you...and I guess I get a false sense of how easy dating is because most people I know either are in relationships or find it really easy to get in relationships. But I guess I am just out of practice, who knows. I am just going to keep on being me and know that that is enough....for what, who knows....