Watch and learn

Two things I am excited about currently: Top Chef and Run Fatboy Run. I don't usually get attached to tv shows (last 2 years I had to go over to a friends house to watch tv as I didn't even own one), but I am all about Top Chef. It is a great show on Bravo and the new season starts tomorrow night at 10pm on Bravo. The chefs are amazing and it just inspires me to get in the kitchen and keep on learning.

Run Fatboy Run is a new movie coming out on the 28th of March. I have long awaited a new Simon Pegg film, as I know many of my London family has. We all watch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz over and over again (as well as play drinking games to it) and this new movie is sure to be another great one. Not only does it have Simon Pegg in it, but its about running a marathon, with a dash of romantic comedy. Whats not to love?