A confessional

I am not a moral vegan, though I do identify with the cause, I have maintained that I eat what I do because it is what my body wants. I have also maintained that if my body suddenly tells me it wants something else, than I will comply.

Tonight after my second run of the day with SRC (finally back on the summer route!), I met up with my friend Charles at Quinn's pub. I was meeting Charles so that we could discuss the nutritional assessment that I am doing for him and talk about some of the things that he can do to meet his nutritional and physical goals. He is the first person that I have done this type of work for outside of my family and is a good test subject for me as I continue to do this as a side business. I suggested Quinn's as a meeting spot, as I have been there before with my chef friend Ryan and knew there was something I could eat and furthermore, I wanted to use it as a "teach" for Charles and show him how to navigate healthfully even the most complicated "foodie" menu. And, I also figured it could be an enjoyable last supper before I put him on a more strict regime.

We settled in at our table and chatted a bit, reviewing the menu. I explained somethings about the nutritional content of the food and I opted for the obvious choice, the cumin-scented black lentils, curry roasted and raw mango. I had had it the last time I was here and knew it was "safe". I navigated Charles away from the various sausages, smothered meat dishes and fried foods (come on, it is a gastro-pub). Ultimately, on my recommendation he got the wild boar sloppy joes with crispy sage leaves (ok, so its what I would have gotten if I was eating meat...health benefits aside -- though wild game is much preferable over farm raised for the most part). I admit it, I was kind of jealous. Lentils are good and all. We drank our wine and waited for our food. The waitress soon brought our dishes out and we dove in with vigor. I have to admit it, the moment I saw his dish that feeling I thought would never come back, hit me, hard. I wanted that sloppy joe. I tried to ignore it, thinking it was some wacky brain function from all the stress. But it persisted. And Charles was falling all over himself with how tasty it was. I couldn't help myself. I pushed my lentils towards him, he looked at me funny, but thankfully doesn't really know me well enough to protest, and I signaled for him to relinquish his dish to me. He reluctantly complied. "Ah come on, I'll give it back", I said. I flipped the bun off the half he had not yet started and dug a huge fork full. I hesitated, giving me one last second to reconsider it. It wasn't my mind, my mind doesn't crave things any more. Not things outside of my normal eating range. A craving for me is a Flying Apron muffin. Brussel Sprouts..... so I knew that this was my body saying, ok its time. I closed my mouth around the bite and chewed slowly, still waiting for the urge to spit it out. But it didn't come. It tasted so good. I savored it. Charles was very entertained. He wanted his food back. I took one more bite and enjoyed it immensely.

It was a funny thing. I don't feel like it opened a flood gates, but maybe just opened a door. I will always be an incredibly health eater and will still only eat the things that I believe in and are good for me. But come on, how could you resist a meal that looks like this? Really you have to see it to believe it (thank goodness for menu's with pictures.