Like clockwork/ forgeting time

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Ok, well not quite that dramatic, but it is my first day of work at the library. I am very excited and nervous. It has been quite a while since I worked in an institution/environment that had things like hours, dress codes, offices.... It is quite the change. But change for the better, as I have rambled on and on about. One thing I really enjoy is getting on a sleep schedule that I am motivated to keep. When I lived in SF and worked for Tucker and Marks, I would get up at 5am, go for a run, go to work. I never had a hard time getting up at that hour. I am excited to get back on that routine. Structure in my working life, motivates me to have structure in the rest of my life, and I respond well to that.

Today is a rest day. After 9 days of running in a row and a 73 mile week, plus driving to Bend, OR and back for the weekend, I am ready for it. I could have slept in until after 7 and had ample time to get ready to go for orientation today. But I didn't. I got up at 5am and have felt infinitely more productive this morning that I usually do! Change for the better already! I am going to attempt to sleep 10-5 every night, so that my body's rhythm will get naturally in tune and be rested and ready to go by then. Its kind of funny, I decided to get up at 5 today, mentally stamped that on my brain before bed, set my alarm and was off to sleep just after 10pm. I woke up this morning from a very bizarre dream that involved a friend of mine from SF, Jack and I was lying in bed, feeling awake, not sleepy at all. I lay there for a minute and started to wonder if I should check the time. I figured not, since if it was 3am or something than I would be thinking about trying to get back to sleep and that wouldn't be good. But 30 seconds later, my alarm went off! Apparently, my concrete resolve to wake up at 5am permeated into a part of my brain that made it happen. Hopefully every day will be this easy! I look forward to getting out for my early runs too!

Weekend in Bend

On Friday, I headed down to Bend OR to visit my friend Krissy Moehl and do some hanging out, cooking, and running. I arrived at her doorstep after a nice 5:45 drive, including some dicey bits through the pass. It was good hard driving and I stumbled out of the car and made my way into her house. We went for a nice easy run to shake out my legs and to celebrate her healing of her leg (it was her 3rd run of the day!). We then headed out to Art Hop where I got a real sense of Bend. Downtown was hopping (pun intended) with people and it seemed like they were all familiar faces. Krissy and I discussed why this happened (as it happened to her when she first moved here). Everyone for the most part fits a profile of the type of people we hang out with, there is even a uniform, usually denoted by a puffy jacket. In Seattle, if you see someone in the uniform, chances are you know them or they know at least 6 people you know. Bend is the type of place that attracts a certain type of person (not exclusively, but generally)- outdoorsy, liberal, granola. We wandered around downtown, stopped in to her favorite coffee shop to hear a friend of her's play guitar and then spent some time in the Patagonia store, where I nearly spent way too much money of new clothes for work. But didn't end up buying anything. We tucked into dinner at 9pm, way late for both of us, headed back to the house and settled in for the night.

The next morning we allowed ourselves to be "lazy" , I woke at 7am and got out of the house at 8am to go to Wild Oats to buy groceries for our dinner we planned to prepare. We got ingredients for the Chile Chocolate Mole which we were going to serve over squash (another veganomicon recipe-which ultimately I improvised on) and a side of sauteed greens with carmelized onions, finished with Apple Cider Vinegar. By 10 we were out of the house and headed up to Smith Rock for a 2 hour run. My legs were really tired and sore from the drive and from the long week, so the uphills weren't my favorite. But thankfully for me master uphiller Krissy is just recovering from a torn calf muscle, so I could keep up, this time. It was a beautiful run and as we headed up, Krissy pointed out "the scar" which is basically a trail straight up the side of one of the hills that Rod Bien had said he would treat anyone to lunch if they could run the entire way up (well, hold running form). Apparently Eric Skaggs had successfully done it a week or two earlier, which truly was a big deal...or was it Kyle? Nonetheless, I said, "let's go for it". It looks alot shorter from the bottom and most likely because it is so darn steep! I started up and made it a good 1/3 of the way and then stopped, not because my legs were too tired or because my lungs were burning, but because the trail was so loose and steep, I didn't want to nose dive into it and bust my teeth out. We made it to the top and got to enjoy a nice downhill on the otherside.
View from the top of the Scar

Krissy at the top of the Scar

Me doing something weird, with the scar dropping off behind me.

The nice "easy" not so steep side (the scar was on the other side)

On the way to Monkey Face

After the run Krissy and I refueled with our delicious recovery shakes and headed in to town to do some shopping. We stopped in FootZone and picked up our race numbers for Sunday's Horse Butte 10 miler and I bought two pairs of pants which were each on sale for 50% off! Nice. We wandered around town until both Krissy and I were ravenous and we went to the natural food shop to pick up a snack before heading to the new Fleet Feet! Rob Bien and Sean Meissner were there (owner and store manager respectively) and I was pleased to meet them both. I bought some fabulous pink arm warmers and Sean gave Krissy and I each a Fleet Feet Bend shirt. We invited him over for dinner and he accepted. We headed back to the house and cooked up some fabulous food. I was a bit nervous cooking for them because whenever I cook for an audience, especially people I don't know, but whom have read my blog... The food was delicious, thankfully and despite some culinary trickery due to not having big enough pans for some steps, the food was great! Krissy and I cooked and Sean made a fire and we all sat around enjoying the chocolately goodness of Chile Chocolate Mole Squash & Sweet Potatoes, and Sauteed Greens with Carmelized Onions.
Sautee onion, add squashes (butternut, zucchini, yellow) and water steam until semi-tender. Add Mole (made by Krissy, good job girl!) from the Veganomicon recipe (2 cups). Simmer until tender.

Sauteed chard, mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli with carmelized onions. Finish with a few slashes of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Nice fire Sean!
We all joked that this meal was going to end up on three blogs....thankfully it was good!

Sunday morning Krissy and I woke up at 6:45 and I packed my stuff up and checked pass conditions. It looked like a lot of snow, so I was going to have to take the long way home. I decided I would leave directly from the race and try to make sure I had enough time to get home and get ready for my first day! Horse Butte was a great race and though I was not feeling like racing at all, I wanted to get a run in and I was there, afterall! While we sat in the car, the weather must have changed 50 times. Snowing, not, sunny, windy. It was all there. I had planned on just wearing my long sleeve shirt and gloves but the blowing snow made me change my mind. We lined up, the snow stopped blowing and we were off. I immediately knew I didn't want my coat, but oh well, it was just ten miles. Krissy and I got out fast, but not fast enough to not get caught in the traffic jam at the single track about 1/4 mile in. For the rest of the race, it was a made scramble through the brush to pass people. All in all it went decent and I got a moderately respectable time out of it (1:15) and one badly banged up knee, as I tripped and smashed into the ground knee first. Krissy ran a good time as well coming in a 1:18. I changed clothes and hopped into the car and was off. I made good time, just over 6 hours for the long way and it was generally smooth sailing. It was great to see Krissy and spend my last weekend before work visiting her in her new town!

It is officially time to get ready for work! Yeah!