It's like one of those commercials

It goes like this:

Western States entry fee: $295
Plane ticket to WS: $310
Plane ticket for pacer to WS: $280
Training/prep costs: a whole lot of $$$
Vermont 100 entry fee: $200
Plane ticket to Vermont: $410
Car rental for Vermont: $350

Actually, getting to run a 100 miler this year: priceless (at least it damn well better be, lol)

I finally found out yesterday thanks to my wonderful twin, Linda that I got into Vermont! I am very excited and feel like I once again have purpose in my training, well....tapering. I am feeling excited, nervous and ready for the race. After not being able to do Western States, I was feeling at a lose of what to do next and where to focus my energy, especially being in the nether realm of not knowing if I would have a 100 to run. Linda called the race director for me since I am a phone-phobic sissy. Probably better since she was able to finesse the situation where I just probably would have been like, "give me the damn information already", well maybe not but at least I don't have to find out!

This week has been a whirlwind, as I adjusted to life at home with a precious puppy dog (pictures to follow, I promise) as well as finishing up my time at the library. I had a mixture of really great and really crappy runs this week, but I am taking it all in stride and just keeping my eyes of the prize which is a good run at Vermont. I just have to focus on getting my legs as fresh as possible and managing all the details for the run itself. I am pretty darn excited!

The food postings will be back once I actually have time to try new recipes. I have had enough time to still cook at home on a regular basis, but not enough time to play around in the kitchen or create new and exciting recipes. Hopefully over the summer I can go back to torturing you all with pictures of my delicious food. :)