Catching up

Ok, so the "I'm going to be better about blogging" thing didn't actually pan out, but hey, that's how life goes. Alot has been going on.... lots of running in preparation for the 100k World Championships, including killer runs on the Silver Comet trail (37 miles at 7:01min/mile) and other nice long runs around Atlanta... oh yeah moving "temporarily indefinitely" to Atlanta for work, traveling back and forth across the country by car (made it from SF to ATL in 38 hrs, stopping only for a 2 hr nap on the side of the road), working, working, working....the passing of my grandma... more running, more working. I was going to do a video blog and post some pictures of this amazing meal I prepared for my dad and fran which included sweet potato mash, heirloom green beans with truffle salt, mixed baby green salad w/ a homemade balsamic onion confit dressing...but that will all have to wait. Sometimes I feel like I barely have time to think, let alone blog, but hey, when life gets in the way of blogging, that's a good thing :)