The super speedy Sunday runners at Discover.
Photo courtesy of Krissy Moehl.

All I want for Christmas is sponsorships....oh wait, Christmas is over and the new season is officially underway! And yet, I have not managed to procure myself any sponsorships except for the amazing VESPA and Nuun. But beyond the nutritional (fat metabolism) and hydration support they expertly provide, I still have needs! What do I need?
- Shoes (trail and road)
- clothing
- massage therapy and chiropractic
- crosstraining/CrossFit/ Yoga
- nutritional support (gels, recovery drinks, etc preferably things like Green drinks and live food bars)
- other (including race fee coverage, travel expenses, etc)

I am sure there are other things, but really it can sometimes amaze me the cost of running and not just in time. I of course will survive without sponsorship, but figured I could at least put up a post indicating my interest in being sponsored!

Getting Loopy at Discovery Park. Photo courtesy of Krissy Moehl.

In other news, today was a great day for progress, as I was retested for my VO2Max now that my thyroid is improving. The test indicates that my systems are getting back to normal, my heart rate is correcting, and the speeds I can reach and maintain are improving. In other words, while the test shows I am not peaked and ready today, they indicate that I am exactly where I should be speed, endurance, efficiency-wise to successfully run a 2:40 at Boston. They also show that in the long run, I have the potential to develop to a sub 2:40 marathoner. While 7 months ago, I couldn't even have been capable to PR, now I am poised and ready (both physically and informationally) to achieve my goals!