Le Garage- A guest blogger review

It totally makes me excited to be able to introduce my sister Sarah as today's guest blogger. I found a restaurant, Le Garage, in Sausalito for her to try out and she was kind enough to write up a review for the blog. We were surprised we had never been to/heard of Le Garage, but as you will read, we will be frequenting this restaurant for sure. It makes me even more excited to see Sarah excited about food since a few years ago she was not really interested in it at all. I love my sister!

From Sarah:

I was predisposed to enjoy my trip to Le Garage because when I called to make a reservation, the man who answered the phone had a French accent and said, "Bonjour" when he picked up the phone. Finding Le Garage is not an easy feat if one does not know Sausalito as it is at the end of a poorly marked road in a Marina. It is literally in a garage with a large red door. Last night, it was warm so the garage door was up and there were heaters and tables both inside and out. It has a unique feeling to it, with the waiters (all French) in mechanic gear and a large open space for the dining room. When we arrived, the owner (I am assuming it was the owner) welcomed us in and offered us a selection of tables. We picked a table on the end (inside) and began to peruse the menu. Our waitress took awhile to get to us, but when she arrived she apologized profusely and asked what we would like to drink. I ordered a Kir Royal (my all time Paris favorite), my date just had water (no fun, I know) and we ordered the Dungeness crab stuffed pequillos peppers lightly fried and served with a tomato basil coulis. Almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth, the Kir Royal was on my table. It was delicious, just like I ordered in Paris. I was in heaven. The water and bread arrived shortly after. The bread was a little dry and the butter looked like it was spoiled and it was hard and somewhat flakey, but I didn't have much time to focus on that because the appetizer arrived. It was delicious, the tomato coulis had the flavor of fresh, flavorful tomatoes, the crab tasted fresh and not fishy and it was fried to perfection with just enough cruchiness. i practically inhaled it. For dinner we ordered the Black Angus Rib eye with Petaluma’s Spring Hill Farm organic truffle butter and Kennebec fries and the Mussels Provençale w/ garlic, shallots, white wine, cream, tomatoes, niçoise olives & pastis. The steak was cooked to perfection. My date remarked, "I wish I could cook a steak like this." It was tender and flavorful. The truffle butter also added a nice richness to each bite as it melted on the steak. The fries on the plate were cold, but it wasn't a concern as I had ordered the Kennebec fries with aïoli to go with my mussels. Those fries were hot out of the fryer with a delicious aioli to dip them in. However, I think my favorite dish that evening was the mussels. The wine/cream sauce was amazing. I don't know that there are words to describe the amzing flavor it had. It was a healthy portion of mussels, the shells filled two bowls. Each bite was more delicious that the one previous. The mussels were not briney in the least. The tomato, olive combination provided a salty, sweet, tangy flavor to each bite. To top off the delicious dinner, we each enjoyed a glass of a Cote du Rhone wine called Village (I believe). It was a fruit forward wine with just a hint of earthiness and although reds are not usually a compliment to mussels, it was an excellent choice none the less. Overall, I very totally impressed. It was a mix of a wonderful night in Paris mixed with a night spent at home in Sausalito, definitely worth the trip down the unmarked road in Sausalito to Le Garage.

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