Simple Foods

And so winter drags on here in Seattle. After spending a few beautiful and warm (well warm-ish) days in Winthrop, WA, I am back in Seattle where it is cold, rainy and windy. This weather makes me hungry. And that is saying something since I am so rarely hungry, which I know is quite bizarre for an ultraunner. After a really hard training day, including "hill" repeats (aka mountain repeats) up Mt.Si and an afternoon recovery run, all I wanted was something warm, hearty but requiring little to no brainpower. I dreamed up this combination and man oh man was it a winner. I baked off an acorn squash and then filled up each half with some of the meat spaghetti sauce I made in a huge batch (and froze) a few months ago. Topped it with a bit of parmesan and threw a side of steamed veggies next to it and I was in absolute bliss. Considering I don't eat pasta, I do eat alot of marinara sauce.  The marinara is my mom's recipe, she use to make it in giant batches at my behest when I was young. We always had a container or two in the freezer and I have never tasted a spaghetti sauce I like more. And that is saying something, considering her recipe is always a bit off the cuff. A bit of this, a tad of that. But always delicious. Try it for yourself, I promise you that you will start being like me: looking for excuses to eat more and more!

Mom's Amazing Marinara

In a (very) large stock pot, brown 1/2lb to lb of bacon and set aside. I used turkey bacon this time, which required a bit of olive oil to get it started.

Brown two lbs of ground beef drain and mix with the bacon. Also used ground turkey

Chop onion and garlic fine and add to meat mixture and brown. About 1 large onion, garlic to your taste, several cloves.

Add sliced mushrooms,green pepper,whole tomatoes (if you use fresh peel them first cause the skins get weird) any other vegetables that you think will taste good. I added baby squash, zucchini.

Mix all this together and cook for a bit.

Season with salt pepper rosemary,oregano thyme,bay leaf and then dump in a bunch of red wine and cook that for a bit. I used Lost River Syrah
Then add 4 large cans of tomato sauce and 2 cans of tomato paste
Bring to a boil, turn heat down and simmer on low for several hours stirring to keep it from sticking on the bottom.