Traveler's Toolkit

One of the things that I have realized/confirmed (since I really I already knew it) while "homeless" is that it is extremely easy to cook fresh, organic, amazingly delicious anywhere. I mean I have cooked a 5 star quality meal on a camping stove, it should be easy to create fabulous dishes in the "luxury" accommodations of various friends and families houses. As I have harped on again and again, good healthy tasty food does not need to be complex. Simple food goes a long way. For instance, I am up in Winthrop visiting one of my favorite people and friends, Alison Hanks and last night we roasted off what we had around- potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, brussel sprouts, zucchini and some steak from a local farm. I made a marinade/glaze of stone ground mustard, balsamic, and evoo and roasted off the whole mixture at 400 for an hour. It was delicious!

Another thing that is really easily to make quick, healthy and hearty are salads. Before I moved out of my place I made a great seared Buffalo and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Mango Vinaigrette. It was a simple matter of roasting the butternut squash, searing the buffalo steak and making the marinade. Throw the whole combination over a huge bed of greens, dress and voila: Amazingness in every bite! I won't include a recipe, because it is just that simple. The dressing is a combination of mango (diced then pureed with the other ingredients), apple cider vinegar, peanut oil, a dash of cayenne and salt, to taste.

But the one thing that I have noticed as I go from house to house is that one of my "must have's" in creating a great meal are good knives. I find it fascinating that so many people I know from foodie to novice, from all all-clad kitchen to mismatched pots and pans, so many people do not own a good knife. And I don't mean you have to go out and spend a small fortune on a knife, but it is a worthy investment. Nearly everything you cook up whether on camp stove or restaurant kitchen is going to be influenced by your knife in some way. So why have crappy ones? Make your life easier. Invest in a good knife. Thankfully for me this time I remembered to pack up my knife roll with me and keep my knives out of storage. If I am willing to drag my knives around with me across the country, you should be willing to keep one on hand to use on daily basis.