Salomon Running Team

The first pair of trail running shoes I ever bought were Salomons. I loved them. In fact, I wore the same pair of Salomons for the entirety of my first year of ultrarunning. I didn't want to wear any other shoes. They fit my feet, my running style, and what I want in shoes. After getting into the ultrarunning world, I dreamed of someday being a part of the Salomon racing team. Not only do they make amazing shoes, fantastic clothes, they have a fantastic team of talented runners. It is a small, tight-knit, committed group according to my friend and Salomon runner, Glen Redpath. Sounds like my kind of team. In fact, this year I took no shoe sponsorship because I didn't want to run in a product that I wasn't fully behind. I would rather pay for shoes that work and I like, than be sponsored by a company that doesn't make shoes that work for me. But now, after 3 years, many miles, races and pairs of shoes, I am excited to announce that I am officially part of Salomons Racing Team! I am super stoked and so proud to be representing such a great company. I am very grateful to the team and to the company for inviting me into their family, it is an honor for me to be able to represent for a company that I firmly believe in.