Slow Times for a fast foodie

Calling in the ninja to take down website problems.

Well, apparently I am not the only one who was baffled by my slow website. Sorry about that folks. Turns out google changed some things and it affected the way my website was working. Since I use a custom domain I guess they think I inherently know these things! Not so much eh? But hopefully I have it fixed now. So clear you cache and catch up on some reading!

I am officially in training now for TransRockies in August with Caitlin. I am super excited not just for the race but for the training. Howard has me doing an awesome schedule with lots of back to back longer stuff. This week every other day (Wed, Fri, Sun) is a 3 hr run and that is just my second week of training. Righteous!! Speaking of which, I think my pre-run gluten free waffle with pb and coffee has digested and I need to hit the trail!