Day One- After the proclamation

The dust has settled, the trumpets have died down, the lights have come on and its time to get back to real life. Ok, so just in my head. But really it is just me that I am holding accountable to myself, so the real work comes now, after the declaration. It is the practice, the tasks. In my declaration, I gave myself some specific tasks, tangible moves to make the goals realities. This blog is about tracking that progress, it is about my personal journey. It is about where those tasks and goals take me, in life, that I am willing to share. And it is about the form itself, if I want to write, I must write. This is my practice arena, somethings will be brilliant and somethings will simply be necessary exercises.

I had dinner tonight with an old friend whom I absolutely adore. She is one of those people that shines a great deal of light and often clarity into the darkness of other people's lives. We were incredibly close friends in high school and then did not talk pretty much at all for about 6 years. When we reconnected last year, it was like no time had passed and we were still on the most fundamental, as well as functional levels, completely in sync. It was particularly appropo to have dinner with her tonight because our conversations tend to be of substance, tend to be insightful and I always walk away with a certain levity to my soul. Good friends do that. It sounds cliche, but I never have to explain myself to her. She knows my history and she knew me and knows me and she is incredibly insightful. When I told her about where I am in life, my declaration and the contemplation of the past few months since the last time I saw her, she was unbiased, supportive, caring and helpful. She didn't tell my anything I didn't already know, but she is an amazing mirror and she brought me along a few steps in pursuing a task or two. She helped rekindle some of my own confidence in decisions that I had already made in my mind. I am so appreciative to have friends like her. I am hopeful that I am also that kind of friend in return. There are few things in life (if anything) more valuable than community, friendship, love and human connection. The confidence and sense of security those things instill in a person is profound and enables me at least to feel like I can go boldly forward in this journey that is life.