SF One Day

At least the view is nice.
On Saturday, I had the opportunity to crew, pace, cheer for the amazing runners for the SF One Day. The race put on by PCTR is a 24hr race on a 1.06 mile loop around Crissy Field. I knew several people running the race and had volunteered to help out Nathan (one of my super speedy training partners and in general favorite people) who was running the race one week after winning Humboldt Marathon in 2:45. I also knew eventual winner Brian Krogmann whom I had paced at Headlands Hundred in August and eventual female winner Suzanna Bond, who is the most consistent and steady runner I have ever seen. Not to mention she always is smiling.

Nathan running strong in the afternoon with Brett, the Banana.

I can't even imagine the mentality it takes to run for 24hrs straight. I won't be signing up any time for such a race, I really need a finish line to pace off of. I need a destination in my racing. I need a marker of progress in relationship to something else. Watching the highs and lows of the runners was absolutely fascinating. The passage of time can feel so relative, some days pass like the blink of an eye, some days crawl along like a lifetime. I can only imagine what running for that long feels like. Currently, the longest amount of time I have ever ran is 18:30. I commend the runners of this race.

I crewed and supported for the afternoon after a great 31 mile run of my own in the Headlands with Brett, Larissa and the Endurables. There was great support out for the runners and most were comfortably cruising along ticking off the early miles. I left for a nap and came back to the race at 2:30am when I figured the real support would be needed. Nathan came into the aid station about the time I arrived with severe foot pain and after sitting for a while, RD Sarah and I put him in her tent for some sleep (one of the nice things of a 24hr race!). While he slept, I ran a bit with Brian Krogmann, helped out in the aid station and cheered on the runners who were pushing away through the night. A few hours later, Nathan was back up and started to walk with another runner friend and slowly transitioned back to running. The new day brought new life to the runners and more fans came around to cheer the runners in their last few hours of running.

When all was said and done, Brian Krogmann won with a new CR of 140.1 miles. Suzanna Bond won the woman's field, placed second overall (and scared Brian pretty bad since he was scared she was going to catch him) with 134.7 miles which is top 10 all-time for American Women in the 24hr. Nathan broke 100 miles and finished his last 4 miles in under 34 minutes, winning his age group. It was a really well put together event and I had a fantastic time being a part of it, from the sidelines! A huge congrats to all the runners!

Mark Tanaka looping it up in the afternoon light.

Co-RD for all the PCTR races, Sarah Spelt. She is amazing and makes these races something special.

The Comeback Kid, Nathan pushing for 100 miles after a rough night. Last 4 loops, two sub 9min/mile, two sub 8. Winning his age group.

Suzanna Bond, Women's Winner 134.7miles & Women's CR.

Brian Krogman. Tears of joy, relief, disbelief at his 140.1 miles, 1st place and CR!

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SF One Day

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