Signs of Life

It's the small things in life for me that makes me feel home, settled, nesting. Since coming back from NYC late Monday night I have been putting my best foot forward in terms of digging in a making SF even more of my home.

Life is busy when you go away from 10 days, or pretty much all summer. And yesterday I did my best to balance my big to do list with work and working on my home life. I was really proud of myself that I stayed on task and knocked down item after item on my to do list. I got a massage at Psoas Massage and then headed to Rainbow Coop to do a big grocery shop. When I have a fridge full of groceries, I feel like I really living in one place. It means I am going to be around to use them and cook and play in the kitchen and I have been truly and deeply missing that. I even went one step further and stocked up some pantry items that I may or may not use immediately but are good to have on hand. In a way, I am nesting in my own kitchen. Even though I had an opportunity to go out to eat last night, all I wanted to do in the world after spending every meal out in NYC, was cook some food at home.

I had stopped by Tartine to visit Nathan and pick up a fresh out of the oven loaf of bread (fully gluten-y bread in all its glory), which was a reward (and possible stomach ache) for my victory at Vermont, as well as checking off another item on the list of 100 Things You Should Eat Before You Die (in SF). As I am gluten intolerant, bread is a big special occasion and so for dinner I ate large chunks dipped in leftover (I froze the extra in individual serving size containers) of my Ragu Alla Napoletana. It was bliss just sitting on the couch, noshing on that, salad and broccoli.

After that I headed to Target and got really domestic. I picked up a bunch of picture frames and a bulleting board to decorate my room. I figure if I don't want to be a stranger in my home than I should make my life a part of my room. When I got home, I put a bunch of the recently prints I got into frames and then spent an hour making a huge collage of art and photos and such. I love to make collages.

Today was even more fun. I started out the day early, getting up to hang out with my sister before she went to work on her birthday (the big 30) and then got to work making quick refrigerator pickles. I have never made pickles, but damn it if I don't love em! I figured a little test kitchen couldn't hurt. Then I started the real work, a huge, I mean huge batch of my marinara sauce. I like to make a bunch in the fall and enjoy it over and over and over again all winter. It has protein (this time from buffalo) and is hugely flavorful. I throw it over roast veggies pretty often in the winter to make a complete meal. I absolutely adore it. When I was little, my mom use to do the same thing and it was my lifelong favorite thing.

None of this is profound but it is a step, small step in the right direction. It may not be moving into my own place, having a different job, opening up my own cafe or anything else but I am here and all of these things make me present in my space and I like that.