Slow and Steady

I am someone who has always felt that where talent ends, hard work begins. That is to say, I have always believed and operated under the auspice that if you work hard enough at something, whether it is a talent like running or basketball or a skill like cooking, that you can improve. I have carried that philosophy into my own self work. I commit to everything in my life similarly, knowing that whether it is self-work or a work day, that there will be a lot of conscious hard work needing to be done. The premise of this blog was similar: focus and hard work to achieve a goal. I think most things in life that work and improve are a product of some effort somewhere along the line.

But over the last week, I am reminded that sometimes the awesome things that come along in life are a product of not only hard work, but patience and faith. Many things in life are like the process of having a garden. We work hard to plant the seeds and nurture them, but ultimately, have to relinquish a little control and let nature do what it will. Sometimes, hopefully more often than not when we plant & prepare in the best way, the seeds grow and product fruit, but sometimes they don't. Sometimes we plant things and don't see any results and give up only to see new growth much further down the line. It is a process that absolutely fascinates me both in an actual garden and in life.

As I said, over the last week I was able to see surprising growth where I didn't expect it at all. The development enriched my life and absolutely delighted me. In fact, it removed the only real tangible stress/conflict I felt in my life. It was really cool to be faced with a confrontation that I thought was going to be intensely painful and hard and be pleasantly surprised that what I had envisioned would be WWIII with massive fallout, was in fact a pleasant experience which actually brought us closer. And I was able to see an amazing amount of growth in someone. Though it wasn't overnight growth, it was like I went to bed without even a bud peaking out of the ground and woke up to a bean stalk. Sometimes all it takes is a tipping point to really see the nature of things.

The last week has reminded me why I am such a believer in working hard at the things you can control and cultivate and then stepping back and having faith in the growth process. It is a reminder that I needed in and amongst what I am trying to accomplish and create in my life, because there have been many (way too many) moments where I have been filled with dread and panic and ran away from things because the results I thought were suppose to already have come about weren't happening on my time line. But life is like a garden, as I have said. There are many factors, weather, sunlight, soil quality, seed quality, etc etc etc that can affect how things grow. In life there are even more factors!!! But having faith in the process is essential. Sure there will be our fair share of epic fails, but for every six of those, there may be a redeeming bud break through the surface that erases all the fails that have come before it.

You just can't give up. I think whats really cool about this blog project and my sense of accountability to myself with it, is I can watch the process. Sure I go about my day in a usual way, but I come back here and reflect on how the process is unfolding. I am checking with myself over my own place and process and it is serving to promote confidence in my own growth, the expanding of my world since I can actually see the seeds begin to grow. So I proceed, without fear (though that is not to say I will not have fears, doubts, etc) for now, on this delicious journey, excited to plant new seeds, cultivate the ones I have planted and reap what I have sown.