Storm is coming

I am sitting on the couch watching torrents of rain come down, the trees swaying in the strong wind. It has rained a few inches already this morning and this is just the beginning of the storm. There will be wind, there will be more rain, flooding and possible destruction, power outages and problems. It is a good day to sit on the couch and watch the rain come down with a warm cup of coffee instead of venturing forth into the fray. Life is like that sometimes. Sometimes you can sit back and watch the storm brew, form, fall and disappear without ever having to get wet. Sometimes you have to suck it up and thrust yourself out in the worst part of the storm. No matter how wet and worked over you may get, sometimes it is unavoidable. Sometimes the only way to get through a storm is to go head first into the storm and work your way out the other side. It is a hard thing though, deciding to do that. It is much easier to stand at the doorway looking for a quick break in the deluge. Wait for a way to avoid the worst of it. But instead often times, we end up waiting too long and end up in a worse part of the storm. It is a hard thing to know the moment to just go for it.
The moment comes, of course, where we just go for it. We step out into the storm and steel ourselves from whatever comes our way. That moment is coming, I am watching it roll in off the coast. I hope I am brave and strong enough to weather the things that come. It really is not a big storm in the greater scheme of life, but to some it may feel like the storm of the century. Come what may, I at the very least have prepared myself. I have my rainboots, coat and umbrella ready!