Little Skillet


Walk up window of Soul Food goodness

I have lived in the south two times. And I never had any inclination to get into the whole chicken and waffles thing. The few times I had grits, it left something to be desired and while I had tasty soul food, it was never something I have ever craved. Until that is, I stumbled upon the Little Skillet menu.Little Skillet is a off shoot of Farmer Brown's Restaurant in SF, which is farm fresh, organic soul food. Little Skillet is farm fresh, organic soul food TO GO. Little Skillet is a window operation down the small side street Ritch in the SOMA area.


Waffles and chicken (as above) are what beckoned me. After picking up that it is a personal favorite of someone, I suggested we check out Little Skillet for a brunch-ish bite on Monday morning. Little Skillet delivered. We ordered a 2 pc chicken+ waffle, biscuit with jam and grits with andouille sausage and cheddar. I expected a large bill with that kind of order, but instead had to stifle a laugh when she said the total was $15. Really $15!!! Nice.

The flavor delivered. The chicken was light and crisp (and topped with Crystal Hot Sauce), perfectly spicy. The waffle with maple syrup was a balanced counter point. The sweet, spicy, crisp, doughy nature of the combo was perfect for me. I only managed to get a few bites away from my cohort. Ok, like one, but it was a perfect bite.

The biscuits were light and buttery, even more buttery when I topped with butter and chunky berry jam. I love chunky jam and butter. Simple pleasures.

The grits nearly caused a riot. I have never ever liked grits. These changed my mind. And when I shared them, the hearty portion came back nearly gone. That is why you never share food with someone who has just run a long ways. Ok, it was a great idea actually so we could try numerous items on the menu. But I was ready with my fork to stab someone in the hand if the andouille started to be gobbled too quick. Needlesstosay, I may be a convert.


I had expected to feel weighed down and stuffed after this meal, but walked away feeling surprisingly light. Sharing helped with that, fresh, quality, flavorful ingredients also helped. It was totally fun to walk up to the window on a quiet side street and nestle down on a sunny bench to share some Southern soul food best I've found outside of the South and better than most I found in the South. Check it out! I can't wait to go back and try a Po'Boy, more waffles and DEFINITELY more biscuits!

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