Sponsor Highlight: Psoas Massage + Bodywork

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks to one of my sponsors, Psoas Massage. They deserve a great deal of thanks from me because they actually physically contribute to my running success through the work that they do. Over the past 8 weeks, I have gone for a weekly sports massage session with one of the co-owners of Psoas Massage, Scott Schwartz. We have working on keeping me running injury free, reducing recovery time and generally increasing the healthy and flexibility of my muscles. I have also seen another of their therapists, Rodney McBride to help me develop a fantastic stretching routine and another, Jason Garcia for Feldenkrais Method and also for massage. It is awesome to have a team of therapists working on me and addressing the every changing needs of my very active body. Working with Scott and the other therapists, I work on both my immediate needs (i.e. massage for recovery and any tweaks) as well as my long term health and improvement. In the weeks I have been seeing Scott for my weekly sports massage sessions, the health of my muscles has increased immensely. I have little soreness after even huge mileage weeks or months (for instance running 440+ miles in October) and being able to race top speed in a 50 miler without any muscle soreness during or after the race.

On Monday when I saw Scott, he said he could line me up with someone who'd run 5k, another who'd run a marathon and me, who'd just run 50 milers and bring in any of the other therapists and have them guess who'd run what and they'd never guess who's who (unless of course we'd all be massaged by Psoas and then we'd all feel phenomenal).

And if any issue arises, Scott who is the lead on my case, dispatches me to the best therapist in their cadre of therapists to get the problem fixed. Several of the therapists are certified in Active Release (ART) which saved my butt, well actually my foot, at the beginning of the year!

Truly, like my healthy diet and getting good sleep, massage and the work that Psoas Massage and Bodywork do for me is an integral part of my success. I am so thankful to have they as a sponsor and I highly highly recommend them to you.

Check out more information about Psoas on the website HERE.

Or better yet, try them out! Tell them I sent you!
Psoas Contact:415-227-0331
Psoas Address: 333 Third Street, Suite 205, San Francisco CA 94107