This week (and a half) on my plate

Wow. Where did the last 10 days go? I feel like I was just revealing in my Lithia Loop run and here I am now post-JFK 50 mile run (read all about it here). Before and after the race, I ate some amazing things. It's funny sometimes to think about what an awesome foodie life I have. I live in a place where even simple meals, such as "Sunday supper"(which was really a week ago Saturday), of broccoli, rice, butternut squash and scallops are profound because of the fresh, local ingredients. I really feel like I could just spend my time only running, cooking, eating and writing it and I still wouldn't be able to keep up. Case in point, the last 10-ish days! I knocked out 4 of the 7x7 100 Things to Eat and Drink Before You Die, which I have been using as inspiration and for uncovering all sorts of tasty foods in SF. It's fun! I also had several stand out homecooked meals like "sunday supper" as well as spending 4 days on the east coast and eating nothing noteworthy! While in Maryland, I went to two Japanese restaurants for basic foods like steak and rice. I had to "eat safe" the days before the race. But I definitely made up for it afterwards!

Delfina Dinner Date


Gnocchi al Ragu- divine little pillows at Delfina

On Friday night, November 13 I took my sister out for a fun sister date. I got us VIP tickets to the Save the Waves Film Festival and we started off the evening with a reservation at Delfina to check the Pork Sugo with Pappardelle off our 100 list. I manged to get us a 5:30 reservation and we were among the first seated for the evening, however the place was packed within minutes. The waiter told us that the Pork Sugo went quickly, so we ordered it the moment we sat down, along with Pomegranate Bellinis. We got a Insalata di Campo with bitter greens, pancetta, walnuts, Parmigiano and balsamic vinaigrette, a half order of the gnocchi al ragu and (my favorite) Brussels Sprouts with pancetta soffritto and horseradish. We had a nice glass of red wine with dinner and everything was fantastic. Even though we had come for the Pork Sugo with Pappardelle, I actually like the gnocchi much better. The gnocchi were light, the sauce complex and the cheese the perfect note. The film fest was great and I even managed to be in bed before 11pm, so I could get enough sleep before my Saturday morning 7 am long run.


Insalata di Campo at Delfina

Saturday "Sunday" or something in between


Giant bowl of broccoli + giant bowl of cheese= yum!

Saturday the 14th was an awesome day all around. I got to get out for a great run with friends, see more friends running around doing the PCTR race in the Headlands and then spend the afternoon enjoying amazing and at times curious food. After the run we headed to Cafe Del Sol in Mill Valley for salads and wraps. The Baker and I were going to make "Sunday" supper together that night, so we headed to Rainbow for supplies and brainstorming. It is a fascinating and fun thing to collaborate with someone who has (more) food knowledge and tons of creative ideas. We came up with a very simple menu to highlight some of our cravings. Broccoli with cheese, rice with broccoli stems & carrots, roasted peri-peri butternut squash and scallops cooked in butter/evoo. And of course, wine. Even though it was a week out from a big race, wine is such a beautiful compliment to a meal when paired well.


But while shopping we both hit the wall and needed an afternoon snack. We were wandering around Rainbow co-op, our blood sugar plummeting and wandered past some prepared tofu sloppy joes that sounded amazing. We agreed that was a good start, I wandered off to see if I could find some gluten free buns to put it on, to no avail. But then I thought, as weird as it sounded, that the sloppy joes would do well on Primavera corn tortillas. I suggested it to the Baker and he said, ohhhh yeah. And then suggested we top it with Sauerkraut. Ohhhh yeah, I said. And how about avocado, we practically said in unison. And I thought that this weird food combination would only sound good to me. And it was sooo good. We devoured it before I had to go see an apartment. Then we got cooking in the Sausalito kitchen preparing our delicious dinner.


Throw it all together, why not! It works!


Melty cheese and broccoli

Onward to race week


Sunday breakfast was Udi's gluten free bread toasted with Maranatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter spread and banana. Wow it was good. Like dessert for breakfast.


Amazing Grass shipment for being part of the Amazing Athlete program!

The rest of the past week has been a whirlwind of amazing food. Monday we made a giant meat salad. What that means is we made a huge salad and then topped it with pretty rare marinated flank steak (my iron has been low). I wasn't feeling very well on Tuesday and so my dinner at L'ardoise with my friends Marshall and Suzanne consisted of only a simple iceberg wedge and a very small squash soup. Pretty simple for my upset stomach. Midweek I received my shipment of Amazing Grass products. I have just been accepted into their Amazing Athlete program. I am super stoked to have them sponsoring me because I love their products. I make a Green SuperFood drink every morning and usually have an Amazing Meal smoothie after most morning runs! And their bars are absolutely delicious!

Once I flew off to the East Coast the food fun was curtailed for a bit in the pursuit of running greatness. I try to eat bland foods before a race and stuck to mostly salads for lunch and basic Japanese foods for dinner including steak, rice and seaweed salad for dinner. I guess the combination worked! After the race we went to Bulls & Bears in downtown Hagerstown and I had a nice plate of fries and a spicy chicken breast salad. Not awesome, but I knew that I had a special post race treat waiting for me when I returned!

On Sunday I flew back to San Francisco and I was treated to a nice cup of Four Barrel Coffee. I had been up since midnight west coast time, since I flew out of DC at 7am. About 1pm in the afternoon I realized I hadn't eaten since 2am and should probably eat something considering I had ran 50 miles the day before and not exactly chowed down (I ate the meal at Bulls and Bears and that was pretty much it!). I was eagerly anticipating my "real" post-50 mile dinner which was Pizzeria Delfina, followed byt Bi-Rite Ice Cream (both of which had items on the 7x7 List). I had thought about pizza for the last 10 miles of my race since I had decided before the race I would eat some "real" not gluten free pizza post race. It was well worth it.

At Delfina, we procured a small table in the corner and had a round of sparkling wine. We then tucked into the Erbette Chard w/ garum and pinenuts in lieu of our desired appetizer which was not on the menu currently which was spicy cauliflower. We decided on two pizzas (Delfina is only thin crust): Pizza Margherita (the pizza on the 7x7 list) and then a Broccoli Rabe pie with pepperoni added. Both were great. We got a side of sauce, which was terrifically garlicy. I had had a hard time deciding if I wanted to go to Little Star pizza and get a Brass Monkey, deep dish pie or if I wanted thin crust. I generally prefer thin crispy crust but like the amount of sauce a thick crust can hold. The solution (genius!) I figured out was to go to Delfina for thin crust and get a side of sauce. Not exactly original (or genius) since it is listed on the menu as an option. Oh well, I will give myself credit for at least figuring out what I wanted! After dinner we went across the street to tick another on the list which was the salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite. It was sweet, more sweet than I usually like but after such a savory meal, it was just right. I also got a small scoop of the cinnamon snicker-doodle ice cream. The whole evening was absolute dining bliss.

A perfect monday lunch


The Sentinel for Corn beef sandwich

Monday I spent in the city before my massage appointment at 1:30pm. I nearly was able to get another 7x7 item at Dynamo Donuts but they were closed on Mondays. I was perfectly okay with this since I had a nice cup of coffee from Philz, a gluten free flax carrot muffin and a smoothie in my belly. I saved the 7x7-ing for lunch!

Around mid-day, I decided I would go to Outerlands for soup and toast, but after driving all the way out there found my plan thwarted as they are closed on Mondays. And Trouble Coffee was closed too for construction. Curses! I hightailed it all the way back to SOMA and headed to The Sentinel where I had toyed with going at the same time I decided to go to Outerlands. The Sentinel's Corn Beef Sandwich with Gruyere is on the 7x7 list and after one bite I knew why. The meat was hugely flavorful, the condiments understated and the bread very light. It was 2.5 seconds to my stomach, while sitting in my parked car. I followed it with a cup of Sight Glass coffee which Dave at Outerlands had recommended, as he was using the beans at Outerlands, but we didn't try any. It was great and the stamp on the cup was even better.

photo(2)Viola Swamp is WATCHING YOU (SightGlass Coffee)

I am looking forward to a delicious meal tonight (7x7 again!) at Ducca, going after the aranicini. And then before I know it, Turkey Day! The Baker and I are having Turkey Mole. We are working on it currently. I just finished making a batch of gluten free peanut butter chip brownies. The kitchen smells spicy (the massive amounts of roast chilis) and fragrant (all the herbs in the turkey stock). I am super stoked! Happy eating everyone!