Expand and contract

View from Point Lobos Wildlife Preserve

It's the new year and all this talk of resolutions and such makes me, well, gag a bit. My thinking is that if you have goals and resolutions that you genuinely want to accomplish, you will get them going as soon as you realize them. There is no time like the present. In fact there is not time BUT the present. But I digress.

Sunset at the beach after a run on Skyline to Sea Trail
Despite my best efforts to just continue to plug away at my goals on a continual basis, the new years and all the talk of resolutions has made me at least consider if there is anything I want to add (or even subtract) from my list of goals. Nope! Though having just accomplished a big goal of finding a place to call home, I am naturally moving on to another big goal at the same time as the new year begins. But I need to decide which big goal. After reading this post about putting all your eggs in one basket and focusing on a specific goal with all your intensity, I realized (or reconfirmed) that I really can and need to focus on one thing at a time with all my heart and soul and energy. Finding a place to call home definitely took a lot of energy. Maybe for me more than for most because I have such a deep imbibing sense of disquiet when I have no home to return to. 2009 was a fantastic adventure but I definitely had to grapple with more anxiety than I have in the past when I have had (at least some semblance of) a home. Now, I have truly come home. I am not wishy-washy about where I want to be, I am resolute.

Over the weekend, I reveled in where I lived. I shopped at the Saturday Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and got roast chicken and porchetta sandwiches from Roli Roti. I went on a road trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium and slept listening to the ocean break against the shore under my windows. I did a fantastic run in Point Lobos Wildlife Reserve and another on the Skyline to Sea Trail, ending at the beach just before sunset. I ate a fantastic brunch in Santa Cruz, enjoyed a local winery wine tasting. It was fantastic and I just felt blissed out, contented and so damn lucky. It is a nice feeling.

 Monterey Bay
The brief pause to enjoy ticking off a major goal is nice, but I cannot linger. And not because I simply need to do something, but because I want to use the momentum and motivation to continue to hit the ground running. So what do I do? Where do I focus?

The answer has been really apparent over the move and the holiday season. Actually, there are two things that float naturally to the top (or should I say, pound at the gates?). That is my blog and my career. I need to do something about both. Last year, I spent a few months dividing and establishing my food and running blogs as seperate. Then I added in this blog to publish my musings and ramblings about both and everything in between. Since the move and the holidays and the crazy end of the year, I have epically failed at all three. While my intention was to establish my food blog as a good authority on the subject of (gluten free) cooking and recipes for endurance athletes, I wonder now if that really is my passion. I love to share my food adventures from new recipes to food experiences to restaurant reviews, but do I care enough about a tone of authority by making that all I talk about? I am not sure. I really like having my running blog so that people can read my race reports and adventures. So how do I navigate. I expanded quickly and clearly, but I wonder now, was that the right choice? Aren't all these blogs basically just an extension, a reflection of my life and thoughts? Is anyone less likely to try a fabulous recipe of mine because the food post is followed by a run post? I am thinking not.

I have an idea. This blog is going to be THE blog. THE blog of food, running, musing and silliness. The other blogs will still exist but their postings will be also be on this site. Consolidation. For some reason, though that doesn't lessen my postings or really change anything, it gives me something I feel like I can singularly focus on instead of feeling like I am divided between 3 blogs. I am going to trial run it and see how it goes.

The other goal that has made its self self-evident is a change in career. I have a good gig sure, but I need to cultivate my interests, I need to stimulate my brain, I need to follow my passions. Thus, I am looking for a new job. I would love to work in the food industry: either working for a food company, farm or producer I believe in or cooking in a kitchen where I can earn my chops. I would love to work in R&D for a food company. That would be awesome. That would combine my culinary certificate with my Info Science background. I am also looking into a return to the library, but that is more contingent upon the library systems than on me. Of course, my longer term goal is to open my own bakery (with a gluten free focus), but that is something to put in the hopper instead of fasttracking. I am staying open to opportunities, developing my business plan, etc, but haven't picked up a hammer, yet.

I think I will start there, for now. I am excited at what the new year will bring, it should be another adventure and I truly look forward to where the path shall lead and what shall come of things. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, I hope that the goals you have a pursued with passion and intensity and that you are able to accomplish what you have set out for yourself.