Sponsor Highlight: Hydrapak/Gel-bot

This year I am very excited to be adding Hydrapak as one of my sponsors. Hydrapak not only makes great hydration packs they also make an invaluable tool for any ultrarunner: The Gel-bot.

Gel-bots are my favorite product made by Hydrapak (slightly ahead of their soft flasks). Gel-bots help me get my hydration and nutrition in a much faster and streamlined way. Gel-bots have a unit in the middle that can hold about 2.5 gels. When you suck on the mouth piece you get a nip of gel and when you open the top of the waterbottle, you get just water/hydration. It means no messing with gel packets or zippers or anything. Fantastic. They come in both 24 and 20 ounce options.

They are a great sponsor and I look forward to doing some more promotions and such with them in the near future. For right now though, I wanted to introduce them to you, have you check out their website and check out their cool profile of me as well: Devon's Hydrapak Profile.