Practice in Patience

Patience and perseverance help lead you to the top of the mountain, if you let it.

Somethings change. Somethings stay the same. Deciding which one is which can be hard. When things look like they are heading in the right direction, it is easy to have faith that things change. When things test our patience and it looks like they will never change, never be solved, never work out like we have waited for, it is easier to believe that things will stay the same. If we accept that something is going to stay the same, then we must be the thing that changes. That is a hard thing for most people, it is a decision to turn in to the unknown, the frightening, and often the darkness.

The question I often ponder is: when do we jump? When is patience= patience and when is patience=being afraid of change/afraid of trying something different/afraid of accepting failure?

As a runner and also in my real life, I feel I am a patient person. I have waited for good things to come into my life, held out hope long past the point that anyone else would have and it has paid off. I didn't settle or succumb to fear. In a few cases, patience proved itself to be fruitful. But that hardly makes me an expert. I still doubt, look to the water coming on to the ship and think I should jump off. But I also have learned to have faith in my faith and in my patience. I know that the things I want cannot necessarily be rushed and will unfold in due time. I can do a certain amount of work to reach my goals, but also have to allow for them to be realized.

I have been feeling two things a lot lately and ironically, simultaneously: like momentum is building and like I am stagnating. Sometimes I simply feel like I spend my day waiting for SOMETHING to happen, but I don't know what. Inspiration? Direction? An answer? And to what? Other days, I rub my hands together and laugh maniacally as I watch things and opportunities unfold in front of me.  It's a balance and with that I have patience too.

They say good things come to those who wait and I've seen that happen. I've watched someone toil for 20 years towards their goal, towards their dream and never give up and finally have their dream realized, finally come to a point where patience isn't needed anymore. It is an amazing feeling, it is amazing to witness. This week alone I have watched multiple people close to me have life-changing, patience-proving things unfold in their lives. It reminds me that my patience, my hardwork, my seeking and passion will too be fruitful and we all need a renewal in faith sometimes.