The Little Things

I've got mad hops

It's race week. Not THE race week but a pretty big race week nonetheless: Miwok 100k. Since Lake Sonoma 50, I have been training hard. I didn't really take much time after LS50, in fact two whole days, then got back to it. Right after LS50 I decided that I really needed to commitment myself to upping my game. I have always known that the supplemental work is what is going to really take my running to the next level, but I have always failed to execute it. For the most part. I have been really good about getting weekly massage at Psoas Massage and Bodywork. I have gotten better about stretching. But I knew that wasn't enough, I needed to do more. I wanted to do more.

When I was a basketball player, my favorite part of my training was the conditioning and running (surprise right?). While I loved to do drills, practice and play ball, I really loved getting into the gym and lifting weights, doing plyos, getting quick, strong and agile. Since I have taken up running, I have never had a clear directive in the strength, agility, balance department. So I decided to change that. I got a trainer, Josh Moberg at Diakadi Body and have been working with him since right around LS50. On his suggestion, I also started doing pilates as well. I have been really good about stretching and getting on the foam roller. And wow, in just a short amount of time, I really feel the difference. My core is stronger, I am developing better body awareness (especially through pilates) and I really feel like I am starting to see how much of a benefit this is going to be to me. And Josh hasn't even started to put the hurt on me yet, there just hasn't been time. But between a weekly session with Josh, one on my own and pilates, my bodyfat dropped almost 1% in 4 weeks. I don't want to get wrapped up in numbers and things like that as I have said numerous times, but it is an interesting marker.

I feel like between my coach Howard and I, I have got the running part dialed in. I feel like I have been better this year than ever before in running really specific workouts and pushing myself. I look forward to continuing that for the remaining weeks before States. But the supplemental stuff is boosting me in a way that I didn't think it would. I am not lifting heavy or hard, I don't come out of sessions feel sore, but I can see and feel the difference. It really is exciting to think to the long term gains and fitness. I am stoked to continue, that is for sure.

I am feeling ready to go. I have, for the most part, handled this taper with more grace and ease than I usually do. I don't really feel overwhelmed by the feelings of being slow, fat, sore and out of shape. Instead, I just feel ready to run. That is not to say, I am feeling like superwoman, but I am just happy that I am not feeling awful. I feel like I just "am" right now. I feel very calm. Good or bad, I am not sure. 

Miwok is a great stacked race. There are many great runners coming out for the race. I want to go out and have a good day, feel good and run well. I also don't want to lay it all out there either, because as my friend Gary said to me at TransRockies last year, "you don't want to win the battle and lose the war". And it's true. I really plan on keeping my eye on the true prize which is States. I want to run well there and though doing well at Miwok is of course something I really want, I am going to play it smart, strong and see where the day takes me. I'll report back after it's all said and done, but also feel free to follow along on Whatever happens, it is going to be a beautiful weekend with great friends and awesome trails.