FRS giveaway redux

Photoshoot for FRS by Cameron Baird

A while ago (April 5th to be exact), I posted up a contest to receive some goods from my sponsor FRS. I never picked a winner for various reasons but wanted to once and for all pick my very first contest winner! I was reminded that I should get on top of this the other day when I got my shipment in the mail which included a profile of me in it (including some of the awesome shots from the above photoshoot). It was pretty cool and I believe in the product, so I want you to have a chance to try it for free (though you can get a free sample by going to their website too). All those who entered last time are already entered (all twelve of you), so don't worry.

I love FRS. It is not a highly caffeine, "fake energy" drink. It is loaded with B vitamins and antioxidants which help me to recover from my workouts and keep going strong during my workouts. It doesn't actually have very much caffeine at all contrary to popular belief. Anyone who knows my "Fast Foodie" philosophy, knows I take very seriously the stuff I put into my body.

But make up your own mind, enter the contest and find out for yourself!

How to Enter:

1. Visit FRS website and check out their products, then post a comment with a flavor you'd like to try (and grab a free sample while you are there!)


2. Become a fan of FRS on Facebook, then comment back here with your facebook name and that you did it.

Basically, either way you need to leave a comment and have some interest in receiving a ton of great stuff from FRS. 

Winner will be announced next week! 

The goods, plus more concentrate!