Math makes me a liar

Climbing Mt. Thorpe at CC100 as a pacer.

Not even a month ago I was on the fast track to resting. I knew I needed it, I was ready. Within 10 days of that post, however, I was out running a solo 40 mile effort in the Headlands and on Mt. Tam and I was back at it even if I never really felt like I was back in training mode. I felt like I not really ramping it up, not really hitting it that hard. I had that 40 mile run, but then I wasn't putting in the consistent double days I wanted and didn't feel like I was doing long enough long runs. In short, I was feeling like a slacker, while at the same time feeling still tired enough to not really worry to much about it. I wanted to get in good training for CC100, but accepted that maybe I wouldn't achieve the same type of peak training I did for WS. I felt like I put in a really good week while in Ohio and ran a bunch and on some really cool trails, but at the weeks end, I aborted my 40 mile night run because I was just feeling toasted. I was not inspiring confidence in myself or my training. Last week, I started to taper. Didn't do multiple doubles, didn't push extra hard. Took time to nap and rest. This week, even more so. At this point, I resigned myself to having only average training which may ultimately benefit me anyways heading into CC100.

And then I looked at the numbers for the past 6 weeks and mathematics proved me a liar.

I haven't been slacking. I haven't had a light go of it. In fact, I realized that I have the highest 6 week average all year. Which probably means in my entire life since this year I have ramped up my training more. I have been averaging just over 100 miles per week for 6 weeks. Not exactly light and leisurely. Oops, silly me. Only silly me to think that I was slacking or not putting in good hard work. Even though I would like to get up to averaging even more miles, 100 mile weeks are still huge and for the most part I have been able to weather them with a bit of a casual attitude. That makes me excited for future training blocks, but I will say, I plan to not piggie back them so closely on top of other peak training like I have this summer. I have had two "low" weeks all summer and it was pretty much only WS week and the week following that each were in the mid 70s. Nothing lower since the week after Miwok in May. I have kicked my own butt well. And so I have to have a bit of confidence in my own abilities at this point, even if I am a bit intimidated by tackling the 100 mile distance again.

I am tapering now and enjoying it. I am really pulling in the reins and not being tempted to sneak in anything extra. I have a lot of couch time scheduled in the next two weeks. This past Saturday, I had a great final long run over to the Headlands from the city (13 miles) then another 18/19 miles with the Endurables. It was fun to run by myself and then be pushed faster by the group. I was tired from the previous 6 weeks but could tell my legs were strong and ready. I also figured out a few key fueling things I need to bring back for CC100 including Chia Seeds.

When did I forget how freaking awesome Chia Seeds are for running? I mean seriously. I was on the bandwagon with Chia Seeds before Oprah was going on about them and long before Born to Run came out. But somewhere along the way, they got pushed to the back of the cupboard and I stopped using them regularly. Well, I brought them back and let me not forget about them again! I had a great run with them on Saturday. I took a spoonful of chia seeds with a sip of water after I had finished my breakfast. I highly recommend you pick some up from my OpenSky shop!

In a lot of ways, I am happy to be shown a liar. I was feeling badly about so many changed or aborted workouts in the past 6 weeks that my confidence was a bit flat. Now, I feel a bit better. I am still nervous, but I think the anticipation I feel is different this time. I feel like I am back to the beginning, when all I was considering was how to make it to the finish line in one piece and how to enjoy the heck out of myself along the way.