Shop til you drop

I am all for trying new things and one of the things I thought I would give a go to is Open Sky. Working with OpenSky gives me the opportunity to be able to bring the products I recommend directly to you, without you having to hunt them down or wonder if you are picking up the right thing. I have no plans on becoming a saleswoman in every post, but will make more and more products available to you as I develop my store. I am open to suggestions.

Today is my grand opening! Wahoo. And at this point I only have one thing to share with you: Food of course!

These gluten free raw crackers are amazing and flavorful. You can grab a box of six for $23 with Caraway, Sunny Garden Herb and Pumpkin Pesto by checking out my shop here.

To sweeten the deal and prove how mindblowingly easy it is to shop at OpenSky, you can get Free Shipping to celebrate the grand opening! Just type in FREESHIPPING at checkout and you'll be on your way.

Enjoy checking out OpenSky and I will continually update my store with great new products! And thanks for your support!