I like food

Nathan's stop photographing my food and let me eat face.
Just kidding. Lunch at Pok Pok in Portland.

I like food. I promise. I admit it, I have left out the foodie part of this blog for some time now. Today, I was trying to figure out why.  I haven't been baking any great new muffin creations, but I have been cooking up some hugely creative meals. While you may miss my muffins (note: you can buy all your favorite gluten free muffin mixes from me here), I have been focusing my eating on all sorts of amazing vegetables and creative recipes that don't really include that much grains. I am actually surprised I haven't done a better job documenting all these eats because frankly I have been impressed with myself. I think that my kitchen confidence is coming from working more and more as a personal chef. It is all in the practice and I am in my groove. So why no food blogging? Well, I think the answer is, at least partially, day light. You see when I bake things, I can take beautiful shiny wonderful shots of the food in the afternoon light or even evening light. It makes a big difference. Since I make dinner around 7pm and its winter, there is not much light to be had for good photography. Believe me when I say, those shots of beautiful looking food you see all over the internet are not done in a dark kitchen or under florescent lights or using a flash. When I go out to eat, I am getting lost in the moment and enjoying myself and my experience. I don't want to be the person that makes everyone wait to eat and have their food get cold while I get a good shot of it.

Delicious treats from Ken's Bakery in Portland.
But not for this gluten free lady!

Whatever the reason, I have not been making you drool nearly enough or sharing the foodie side of me. This is just an acknowledgement of that. Whenever you do need to drool, head over to my recipe page and have at it.

Anyways, one thing I was inspired to share (again) is my kombucha. I have been brewing kombucha for almost 6 years now and I love having my own supply on hand. I would love to just go hog wild and start making enough to sell, along with other fermented goodies; I love fermentation. Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon these days with kombucha but I've been here all along. I posted my kombucha recipe on my blog 3 years ago (here). Check it out if you want to know how to brew it. My kombucha recipe is very simple and has a great flavor profile. I don't mess with a good thing by using herbal teas or flavored teas. I think it is easiest and safest to flavor after the fact.

A beautiful healthy kombucha culture.

Enough about the things I haven't been doing, I need to get out for another run and start work on another delicious dinner.