Changing gears

We saw 5 such encouraging signs in 2 miles in Yosemite.

The picture above sums it up. I am almost there. Almost to race day. And I feel as ready as I can be as I start a gradual taper before heading off to race the WC100k in the Netherlands. The beginning of last week was pretty fantastic and had two great indicator workouts that I am as ready as I can be at this point. Now, it is just a matter of cutting back mileage, maintaining/increasing intensity and getting some good rest. It is time to change gears.

I planned my hard long run for last Wednesday because Nathan and I had planned a backcountry weekend for Friday-Sunday and were heading up to Yosemite for some running, camping and good fun. After hitting my mark in the earlier weeks workouts, I was just looking forward to logging some miles with a focus on adventure instead of speed, distance or pace. I wanted to finish out my week with high miles, but was stoked to be able to hit the trails to do so. Over 3 days, we logged nearly 65 miles, hitchhiked, didn't shower, save for the occasional dip in a lake, slept in a tent and generally just refreshed our souls with miles and miles of beautiful backcountry. It was a nice change of pace and even as the miles rolled on, I never felt tired or sore or worked over.  I just felt alive and excited. The high country rejuvenated me and made me excited not only for my race in 3 weeks but for things to come in the near future. There is something in nature that moves me and sets me free. I am happy that I had the opportunity to immerse myself this weekend, reset, recharge and change gears. I feel prepared to take on taper now and the race ahead. I cannot wait to see how it all plays out. 

GoPro views of Half Dome from North Dome

Taking a little dip mid run in mountain top Evelyn Lake.

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