I cook, eat, run, sleep. I am a certified personal chef, runner (marathoner/ultrarunner) and writer. I am a three time member of the 100k Team USA competing in 3 world championships. I compete in distances from marathon to 100 miles, but the 50 mile distance is my favorite. The stories on this blog are from my life as a chef/baker and bakery owner,  runner, training, racing and pursuing my dreams.

I am the co-owner of M.H. Bread and Butter Cafe, which is located in San Anselmo, CA and opened in May of 2013! I am gluten intolerant and suffer from a few other food allergies. I love to cook and bake and create recipes. The recipes on this site are the product of a elite endurance runner looking to balance taste and function, health and enjoyment and failing to find any source but her own imagination that fit that bill. Nutrition and good food often sit on opposite ends of the culinary spectrum, there is a chasm for most people in trying to marry the top. I love to enjoy good food and I love the power and health that good nutritious food bring to me and so I work hard at creating food that accommodate both.

I consider my life a "delicious journey" and this blog encompasses two of my favorite aspects of life: running (Fast) and food (Foodie).

Race Results/PRs
Marathon: 2:38:55
50k: 3:32:02
50mile: 6:28:42
100k: 7:46
100mile: 18:31

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