Breakfast/ Brunch

Ice cream for breakfast and other delights

I can't say I am clever enough to come up with a way of eating ice cream for breakfast without actually eating ice cream for breakfast. But thankfully, I read a blog of someone who is. Of the few food bloggers I read, Heather of Heather Eats Almond Butter, consistently comes up with (really) healthy versions of less than healthy treats. In fact, I would argue she completely turns them on their head and reduces things from treat to staple. One of the things I had been hankering to try was her protein ice cream. As a fan of smoothies for breakfast, I liked the idea of making a smoothie a bit thicker, like ice cream and still being able to enjoy it for breakfast. Her version includes stevia (I used agave or whatever was on hand) and I also traded in the ice cubes for frozen banana because we don't usually have ice in the house and when we do, its usually for ice baths, not smoothies. I topped the wholesome deliciousness with fresh plums, strawberries as well as a scoop of Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Justin's Peanut Butter. Makes for a solid breakfast meal with a lovely nod to dessert. I find that I often would like something that is apropos of a sweet dessert or treat without actually having any diminishment of health value. This breakfast fits that bill perfectly.

Sometimes, however, you just really want to have a nice indulgence for breakfast. Last week after dropping out of WS after 55 miles, my body had cravings all over the map. It wanted food and lots of it. I resolved that I needed to rest and relax and eat up, even if it meant that I felt like I was just sitting around getting fat. Sometimes that is just what your body needs to feel like. I have a hard time grasping that sometimes, but then I make gluten free cinnamon rolls topped with julia child's confectioners cream and I completely forget about my hesitations.

The reality is, in our household, where 70 miles of running in a week is considered a light week, cinnamon rolls are never really undeserved. These particular cinnamon rolls come from The Gluten Free Girl's blog. I have been wanting to make them and we happened to have a jar of confectioner's cream that the baker made which I deduced would be perfect over the cinnamon rolls since a cream cheese frosting was not an option for me. These cinnamon rolls were outstanding. I wanted to eat them all, in one sitting. But I refrained. It was much more fun to savor them over the course of a few days with warm cups of coffee and delicious fresh fruit on the side.

I actually am usually too geeked out about amazing seasonal produce to even want to bother with making things that I could have any old time. The sweetness of a muffin will never compare to a perfectly ripe peach to me. So, even though the cinnamon rolls or protein ice cream made me swoon, I do get equally, if not more so, excited over seasonal produce and the things I can do with it.

One of my favorite things about summer other than the mind blowing fruits and vegetables is my birthday. And it's not because I am big into birthdays, but instead because, when I was growing up, it meant I got to pick a very special meal that my mom would make at my request. 9/10 it was either twice baked potatoes or a huge vat of my mom's marinara sauce. So in honor that tradition, I made a huge batch of her marinara sauce this week and oohhhh wheeee it is so good. Best part about it is, this recipe makes enough for about 6 months (kept frozen)! I served it up with some Southern Italian Ratatouille from the Tra Vigne Cookbook.

And I haven't just been craving comforting, heavy, sweet things. In fact, I have been craving really light fresh things too. And this Kale Carrot Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing that I invented a while back has been my lunch for a few days straight. It is so flavorful and healthy and complex. In other words, perfection.