No Brag, Just Fact

Finish line hugs at Miwok 100k. In 2011, the crew-runner positions will be flip flopped.

I am going to create a bumper sticker that says, "My sister is faster than your sister". I'd definitely slap one of those on my car with pride. You see, my sister is a kick ass runner in her own right and recently she has taken up ultrarunning and is already tearing it up. Over the weekend, she came in 2nd at Rodeo Beach 50k in only her second 50k race ever. In her first one, she was 1st!

I am not proud of her just because she is winning though. I would be proud of her if she never set foot on another race course ever, but I am glad she will be. In fact in 2011, she will be running her first 50 miler (Avalon 50) and her first 100k (Miwok 100k) and who knows, maybe even her first 100 miler! I am proud of her because she has found something she is really passionate about, something that she challenges herself with and expands her horizons.

I have always loved running with my sister. When we lived together (on a few separate occasions), I loved getting up super early (she's a teacher so make the extra super early) and going for ninja runs in the dark. We provide each other with a type of energy that is built on years of inside jokes, camaraderie, trials and tribulations. My sister and I may not always see eye to eye or agree, but we share an uncommon bond. 

So this is just to say, I am proud of my sister. She is a rockstar and butt kicking ninja! No brag, just fact. I look forward to watching her continue to grow and develop as a trail runner/ultrarunner and share many miles with her.

Windy, rainy 50k and still smiling. Go Sarah!